Craig Petersen here. I’ve lived, worked, and played in Anchorage for over 10 years now. Throughout  this time I’ve been involved in education of various capacities;  the past couple years  I’ve been home raising my two little ones. I’m two classes away from wrapping up my MAT, which should happen in May. All of my program has been through UAS thus far, this is my first course through UAF. As such, I’m bumbling my way through setting up the various technologies needed for this class. I think my blog is up and running after a long session last night. My info is as follows:


diigo: cjpetersen3

Twitter: @CraigPetersen6

One of my primary goals of this class is to become more educated about  the digital world my kids are stepping into. Although my wife and I are both educators and realize that digital competencies are necessary for children to make the most of their education, we’ve largely followed AAP guidelines and limited screen time to almost 0 for the first 3 years of development. We chose this because we believed it was in the best interest of our kids. Now, my daughter is starting pre-school and I want to continue to be involved in her education.  Last semester, I explored  the motivational power of digital storytelling with my 4 year old for a Classroom Research project. It was exciting to learn something new with my kids and see the potential of new technologies in action. I’m looking forward to learning more about mixed and blended learning this semester. My return to the classroom will likely happen in the next couple years and I’m always curious to learn what is changing and working in education.

Looking forward to a busy semester.


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  1. Greetings and welcome, Craig!

    I too took some time off to raise my daughter. Going back to work was a big transition that took some accommodation time.

    An interesting thing happens about 4th grade, your kids relationship to technology will begin to be increasingly affected by their peers. In the modern world, “community” and technology are so tightly tied together, it is hard to separate the two. It seems to reach a crescendo of external pressures around jr. high… but remains pretty significant through high school. Interesting times ahead for you.

    I am excited to hear of your interest in mixed and blended learning. It seems we’re moving more and more toward this being the norm…but I look forward to your exploration of the topic.

    Welcome to the course!


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