Kim’s Intro

Hello all,

Kim from Homer here.   I’m looking forward to the semester and will be attempting to take ED 431 at the same time, so as we proceed I am sure I will have more to offer in the way of a personal site.   For now you will find me on diigo and twitter.   I am looking to explore the world of instructional design in corporate settings and as such am very interested in learning as much as I can about working with adult learners and online learning.   I am looking forward to the semester and finding out what comes next!


One thought on “Kim’s Intro

  1. Hi Kim,

    Welcome! I’m glad you’re joining us. Your interest in ID in corporate settings and adult learners will be a great addition to our cohort. I know members of the design team here at eCampus are working on some health and safety training materials.

    Knowing your constituency is important when it comes to designing online courses. But what is different about the adult student vs the freshman college student or someone in K-12? What consideration are important? You will find several articles on the subject for your article review assignments – if you care to use those assignments as an opportunity to pursue this interest. Regardless, I look forward to discussing with you as we proceed.

    Again, welcome.


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