The Gang’s All Here!

Hey Folks,

I just wanted to let you all know that, for the moment, we’re all here. We may have a late addition to the cohort, but barring that, this is our little community for Online Pedagogy.

Welcome everyone!

It looks like a great group. I’m excited by your diverse interests. ┬áKim from Homer is interested in corporate and adult ed. Craig from Anchorage is interested in blended and mixed environments in a K-12 setting. Nicholas from Fairbanks is in the ONID program and is developing an open Alaska Native lit and history course, and Lexie from Bellingham is coming from higher ed and putting some more courses online for the Department of Native Studies at Northwest Indian College.


Two things I want to take a moment to point out:

When you make a post, make use of the “categories” tags on the lower right hand side of the post creation window. This will help organize our interactions.

Second, take time to invest in our community and interact here with one another. What you get out of this course will be in direct relationship to what you invest. I look forward to working with you in the weeks ahead!

Lastly, I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. Here’s a little image from campus in September. I work in the lower floor of the building in the center of the image.

Emily Russell, a new graduate student in Northern Studies, takes advantage of nice September weather on the Fairbanks campus.


Best wishes!

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