Partner assignment for unit 5

Hi All

It looks like we are to organize ourselves into groups of 2 for this week and schedule a time to work together.   There may be a more sensible way to divide ourselves, but as I don’t have a preference (because you are all so good) and am interested in all the projects,   the most difficult aspect for me will be scheduling.   Can anyone meet sometime between 10 & 2 (Alaska Time) on Saturday?

3 thoughts on “Partner assignment for unit 5

  1. Hey Kim,
    That timeframe works well for me too. I’d like to hear more about your project if you want to partner up for this. How would you like to communicate? Phone? Skype? Other? I’d suggest closer to 10 if that works for you? Looking forward to it!

  2. Great Craig! Let’s call it 10. How about Blackboard Collaborate so we can talk or share documents. I haven’t run a meeting from in there but it shouldn’t be too hard. I just emailed you my phone number in case we have a problem.

    Owen, can we use a collaborate space?

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