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My apologies in advance for how long this became!   I can tease out the strengths stuff for this class which would eliminate one whole lesson and bits of others, but in real world I’ll want to teach them together.   I left it in for now, but I’ll remove if you guys think its too much here.

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  1. Hey Kim,

    Nice work! This is coming along really well and I like your mix of methods when it comes to asking students to demonstrate their understanding. I’m going to jump right in with my thoughts before they fall away and I forget:

    I suggest writing your opening objectives thusly:

    After this lesson you will be able to:
    -create a mind map using the software tool of your choice.
    -discuss the 7 C’s of the model.
    -explain the 3 layers of the model.

    For your mindmap exercise, do you want students thinking about which tool they chose or how they organized their mindmap? Specifically, it seems interesting to have students think about where they put each of the branches for the 7 C’s of leadership and why. ? Not an area I’m familiar with however, so a grain or two of salt is suggested.

    When you have students create a second map in the last exercise, is this also a mindmap?

    In Lesson 3, you might consider giving the students a single assigned social program or service that they work on alone and then share their answers to your questions, “What are the problems being addressed. Can you identify the root causes of the problems? How is the service addressing the problem? Are the root causes being positively influenced? Who is responsible for the program? Is this a social service program or a social change program. If it is social service, do you have any ideas on a social change program? ” They could do this and share their thoughts before going on to find three of their own. This, combined with some group feedback (and your feedback) would help scaffold them toward a more successful process when they pick their own three for the latter part of Lesson 3.

    Something to think about.

    Coming together nicely. For your next incarnation – put this together on your blog site as you would for your actual online course. You’ll be able to just share the link with us that way. 🙂

    Very nice work.


  2. Gonna be really hard for me to give feedback on this one because of the unusual nature of your course.

    Very first piece of feedback is to make sure that PDF is hosted on your Google Drive or somewhere else that you’re in control of it. You don’t want to build an online course and then have important assets disappear without you realizing it! Copyright laws be damned, I don’t think we should ever let the fickle nature of internet hosting prevent an otherwise strong unit from being reused year to year.

    For your first lesson and second lessons- I feel as though your journal entries / writing assignments aren’t as tied to your lessons’ learning as they could be. For the first lesson talking about the tool they used is probably less important than talking about how they started conceptualizing the interrelationships between the different aspects of leadership. I also think maybe metacognating a bit about the Clifton test might be useful – having them think about the process of taking the test, how that influenced their results, what they thought of the test questions and structure, etc. and how all that related to their understanding of leadership would be useful.

    Lessons 3 and 4 are excellent despite the lack of reading atm, they look like very interesting and well fleshed out. I know this is a class for adults but I love seeing any learning experience that extends that far from the classroom and into the community. who knows? Maybe you’ll inspire them to get involved in one of those programs. They look like wonderful experiences.

    However, they do look like they would take quite a bit of time. Maybe it’s been lost on me with all that’s been going on here lately but I don’t remember if you ever specified a time table for your unit? Lessons 3 and 4 look like they could take anywhere from one or two days to several weeks, depending on what exactly you are expecting to get out of your students. I think they’d be awesome as longer projects, personally. That could stretch out over at least a week or so and I think that’d be a lot more valuable than one day or something. Either way, I think you should specify the time span of these lessons and adjust your assessments/rubrics/instructions/whatever accordingly.

    Your unit looks really cool. Even in just reading your plan, I thought a lot about the qualities of a leader in ways I haven’t necessarily before. I look forward to seeing the final version of the unit because, honestly, if it’s cool with you, I might steal this and use it for something in the future! It just looks that neat.

  3. Hi Kim
    I really enjoyed reading your lesson plan. The topic sounds really interesting and engaging, though I don’t have any background on this topic. So I will try to provide feedback on the structure of the course and less on content.

    One question that came to mind was about the feedback. There isn’t really much of a description for the journal entry. So when you give feedback will you be using a writing rubric that may be separate from the lesson plan? That way students will be able to gauge how in-dept they need to be writing and will have a clear idea of what you are looking for.

    For the sake of continuity I noticed lessons 3 and 4 didn’t have outcomes. Was this a deliberate move? I was just reviewing each of the outcomes for the lessons to see if there was an overall end goal for this unit and noticed these two lessons didn’t have outcomes. And is there going to be an overall unit outcome and assessment? I don’t know if that is required, but I am just curious.

    Overall I think the activities look interesting and the last two lessons sound like they will really grasp the students attention. They seem like the goal is for students to apply what they’ve learned in the first two lessons. What is the timeline for this unit? Will it be over weeks? Days?

  4. Hey Kim,
    Looks like your unit is coming along nicely. I enjoyed our conversation last week and have incorporated a couple of your ideas into my unit. It’s fun to see you unit developing based on the topics covered and conversations recently.

  5. Hey Folks,

    Nice feedback!

    Nicholas, I agree with your sentiment about keeping multiple copies. Google Drive is a good additional backup location. You could, in fact, run a whole course out of Drive. With shared folders, the capacity to link between and comment within docs – It’s very close to an LMS already.


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