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Hey Folks,

Craig helpfully reminded me that I should have already posted this link to a shared document where we can collect some Emerging Tools for the work ahead.

Emerging tools document

Here’s the assignment for this week:

“Early this week I will create a  Google Spreadsheet and fill in a couple of example lines.    Please contribute actively to this brainstorm list by Wednesday evening. Review any items on the brainstorm list that you’re unfamiliar with. Fill in your name in the reviewer list for tools you’d like to review personally (you may make this a group project if you want to work collaboratively with someone else–just fill in both names in the column). I would like you to review three different tools. You’ll want to begin tool reviews this week to ensure that you have plenty of time; reports aren’t due until next week.”

Obviously it is now late this week… There’s still time, however. I’d suggest finishing up brainstorming in the next day or two so you have a rich list to select from. I’ve posted a few to begin with.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


2 thoughts on “Emerging Tools

  1. Owen – I think the Google spreadsheet thing is really cool, and maybe would be an alternative to Twitter / Diigo in the future. Any time somebody found some cool tool (obviously not articles) they could paste it in there, and that would lead up to this eventual part of the course. Just a thought!

  2. Hi Nicholas,

    Thank you for the feedback. I will make the emerging tools spreadsheet available earlier. At the least I should have made it available last week, but I forgot. I like your idea of making it available even earlier in the term.

    I’ve had mixed results with Twitter and Diigo. Sometimes a couple of students are active on either medium and it takes off, drawing other students in – sometimes not. I think this is partly cohort size dependent. With 8 – 10 students, there’s a higher chance of them “catching on”…

    So many factors and recipes, and rarely do things run the same.

    I really appreciate your thoughts and suggestion.


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