Preliminary Thoughts: Emerging Tools

How many of the proposed tools are contextualized primarily for teacher presentation (passive learning)?

There are several tools that are designed for the use of teachers. And there are some that can be used by teacher or student. Prezi is a presentation tool that could be used by teacher or student. TeacherTube could be a passive presentation tool if teachers find presentations or videos on that site. It could also be a place where teachers get ideas for interactive learning. Powtoon could be passive or active depending on how teachers use it. If they create a presentation and share it with the class, that would be passive. But teachers could also assign their students to make a presentation.

Which have potential for active learning or afford students opportunity to display a product of their learning?

There are tools that allow students to make videos through video editing. Camtasia and GoAnimate are both tools that allow students to make their own videos to display. There are also tools that allow students to create things other than videos. Prezi allows students to create a presentation via the internet. Powtoon allows users to create animated presentations and Seesaw allows for digital portfolios. There are other tools such as Toontasic that allow users to create storyboards.

Which of the tools have potential for developing or enhancing the community of learners?

Learning platforms such as Moodle and iTunes U have the potential to develop interactive learning communities. These sites don’t automatically have this feature. It is up to the teachers to design the interactive piece and insert it into the class. Socractive is also an interactive tool where teachers can ask questions of students and get real time responses. This allows for the teacher to know instantly where students are in their understandings of the topic. I haven’t looked too far into Seesaw nor do I have any experience with it to know if there is an option to work with another student on this digital portfolio. But that might be another interactive learning opportunity if it has the option. Remind is also another interactive tool where teachers can communicate with parents and students

Which features most actively support learner engagement in a community?

I think the interactive storyboard tools and the video tools could help to engage the community. Students could recreate oral histories and show them at a community event. I think the language learning tools could also be used for community engagement. Students could learn language in class through this tool then participate in community events and speak the language.

2 thoughts on “Preliminary Thoughts: Emerging Tools

  1. Hi Lexie,

    Nice work! I like your basic idea of flipping content delivery/creation tools and having students use them for creation instead.

    Sometimes, the capacity of a tool is more constrained by our perception of its limitations rather than its actual limitations. The bottom line, it is about getting students to do/create rather than showing them or having them view or watch.

    Well done.



  2. I’m excited about iTunes U. I don’t like Apple’s weird proprietary closed ecosystem but iTunes U has such a cool potential for creating open courses with any time enrollment. Isn’t that incredible?

    Or, more realistically, isn’t it incredible that some day some thing else is going to replace iTunes U and will be more open than Apple’s system. I don’t know what it’s going to look like but that’s going to be a big part of the future of education.

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