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After my experience with PowToons, I almost decided to change my review selection to give me more variety.   I am really glad I didn’t.   StoryboardThat is fantastic. The user interface was intuitive and frustration free. Their were enough built in elements to illustrate an idea without getting lulled in to searching forever.   Everything just worked.   I made the storyboard below in about 15 minutes including signing up for an account and figuring out what I wanted to do.

I was very impressed with the flexibility of use allowed to the free user.   You can’t set privacy settings but you can download the entire board or individual frames. You can download as a high resolution jpeg (Adobe Illustrator) or as a pdf.   You can create a slide show or download to powerpoint.   You can also send directly to social media or get an embed code for you website.

At the end of my 15 minutes, the little vignette below was already on my work Facebook page.

StoryboardThat has also provided dozens of lesson plans for teachers.   One created for A Streetcar Named Desire, introduces students the key elements of the 5 part play (intro, rising action, climax, falling action), and then asks them to identify and recreate a scene representing each plot point on their storyboard. Another has them storyboard the character traits of the main characters.   There are so many things that you could do with this it makes the $10/month education price very tempting.   I want to play with it more, but I am thinking of using this in a later lesson and having my leadership trainees practice civil disagreement by storyboarding a conflict scenario.

The tool is easy enough to use that it makes it realistic to add it into a workflow.   Maybe I will story board my next lesson plan or unit!

3 thoughts on “Review of StoryboardThat

  1. Sounds like a winner. Would you ask your students to use this tool to demonstrate their understanding and if so, what could kinds of things could you ask your students to do?

    1. You could ask students to do anything with this one. I think it would be a fun way to have them rough out a paper. Make a cartoon criticizing or supporting a theory. An explanation piece. Endless possibilities.

  2. As an English teacher in (future) small-town Alaska, I’m sure someday I will be teaching theater. I am totally using this in the future for that! Very cool tool. Nice to see one that’s easy to use.

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