2 thoughts on “Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

  1. Hi Craig,

    This is a nice synthesis of your former educational background and the material we explored in this course.

    I particularly like your statement regarding the role of the teacher based on your constructivist ideas, “I believe students construct knowledge through hands-on learning, social interactions, and authentic experiences. The teachers role is not to impart knowledge. It is to create situations where students learn by active involvement in meaningful activities, reflection, and collaborating with others.”

    My design and delivery philosophy for this course is essentially identical. As a student, I can see that you also thrive in this kind of environment.

    You also deeply address digital citizenship in your philosophy. UAF offers an excellent course on the topic during the summers, ED 640 (I think) which you might find interesting to explore. I’ve heard great things about the depth and breadth of student learning there.

    I wish you well in your future endeavors and please do share a link as your course comes to life – or keep it in the same space and I’ll keep watch.

    Best wishes,


  2. Craig – your philosophy was very well written, very well sourced, and detailed. The points you made about technology and digital citizenship, and how teachers need to incorporate that soon, especially resonated. Elementary / primary education often slips from my mind and I don’t even think about it so it’s nice to see someone with a philosophy that is more holistic.

    Nice reading everything you wrote this semester. Take care!

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