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Hello all,

I posted my philosophy on my site at   I have spent so much time with you all this semester it feels odd to put up the final post and walk away.   I enjoyed getting to know you, learned from each of you, and will look forward to bumping into you in future courses.   So, goodbye for now!


2 thoughts on “Philosophy Posted

  1. Hi Kim,

    I like how you open with a line about the context within which your philosophy has matured, “my reflections are based on working with adult learners in an online environment.” You go on to state that every learner is unique.

    This is clearly evident when looking at each of your final learning philosophy papers. You were each provided with an identical “experience” – the online course, but you each brought to it your unique set of experiences, and the outcomes are obviously similar, but personal.

    You did a particularly nice job synthesizing our readings with your previous teaching experiences.

    I’m not completely sure what you mean by, “My guiding belief and this framework neatly supports a combination of cognitive and constructivist learning theory,” in the 3rd from last paragraph? Maybe there’s a typo there or some text that got chopped in the editor?

    I enjoyed your closing statement regarding teaching as an art. And like art, there are many approaches and no exact formula for achieving full expression.

    Very nice work, Kim.

    Thank you for participating in our little cohort of learners. Your contributions were always significant, valuable, and well conceived.

    Best wishes to you and please do share links as your course project grows to fruition.


  2. I agree with Owen that your closing statements are especially salient. It can be so hard within the context of general public education to find and tease out everybody’s invidual motivations, interests, and skills…I am not sure we’ll ever have a school system that works for everyone. I do not believe it is possible without having different types of schools, but I think your philosophy does an excellent job addressing how teachers can create a community in classes that encourages students to learn together.

    Nice getting to know you, Kim!

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