2 thoughts on “Teaching and Learning Philosophy

  1. Your war canoe metaphor / analogy was woven expertly into your teaching philosophy. I have read many pieces of writing on indigenous education and have seen people relate indigenous education to traditional spiritual leaders (etc.) but never have I seen education in indigenous communities contextualized using traditional sports. Very interesting. I enjoyed reading your philosophy and learning about this sport along the way.

    Take care!

  2. Hi Lexie,

    I too liked your analogy of the war canoe. It is dramatic and engaging and fun to read about. As I read your writing about team interdependencies (if the bowman doesn’t know everyone well, if the second doesn’t work well with the bowman, or if the skipper sets the wrong pace – everyone loses).

    Is this like a learning community? Are learning outcomes interdependent? Is one student’s academic success tied to the success of the “team” or overall class?

    Also, in such a team, who learns and how do they learn? Who’s the teacher? You mentioned a teacher is like a skipper, but is a skipper also like a teacher? Do team members learn as one?

    Interesting metaphor and it actually does provide a rather nice doorway into some of the learning theory we have discussed over this semester…both its application and its misapplication.


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