Unit 3

September 28 – October 4

21st Century Teaching and Learning


  1. Explore innovative examples of teaching and learning
  2. Identify new literacies and competencies required for success in the 21st Century
  3. Examine modern goals and innovative teaching methods through the lens of educational theory
Estimated Time to Complete
 Instruction  2 hrs
 Assignments  4 hrs
 Collaboration  2 hrs





  1. Learn more about Eric Mazur’s strategy of Peer Instruction on his  web site.  You can also view more of his videos on  YouTube.
  2. Visit  Khan Academy.
  3. Explore the web site of  Partnership for 21st Century Skills. Identify and critically consider the foundational elements they believe essential for life readiness. Do you agree? How would broad acceptance of this focus change our current school system?
  4. Watch one of John Seely Brown’s lectures or keynotes on  YouTube.

Learning Activity

Brainstorm a list of ways in which the world has changed since you graduated from High School. What knowledge/skill/experience do graduates need today that didn’t exist then? You may immediately think of technology: cloud computing, e-mail, texting, or smart phone aps. List those items, but also think beyond the tools. How is customer service different today than it was then? In what ways have communication (both personal and business communication) changed? How have news and reporting changed? What are your trusted sources for information? How have the methods for presenting information changed? Have the areas of specialization or generalization in your field changed?


Continue working on your article reviews.

Reflection and Writing

Consider the intersect between the theories we explored in the previous unit and the methods explored in this unit. Can you map a particular learning theory to Khan Academy or to Eric Mazur’s peer instruction methods? What theoretical principles support the use of game mechanics in learning? Consider the list you created of ways in which the world has changed, then reflect on the goals of Partnership for 21st Century Skills. In your writing this week, discuss the ways in which learning must change in the 21st Century and the ways in which it must continue to build upon solid theory and models. Elaborate on ways in which Khan Academy or Peer Instruction are either accomplishing those goals or falling short.