Unit 4, week 3

October 19-25

Integrated Course Design, conclusion

Estimated Time to Complete
 Instruction  2 hrs
 Assignments  4 hrs
 Collaboration  2 hrs


  • Chapter 4 of the Fink text: Designing significant learning experiences II: Shaping the learning experience.

Learning Activity

On page 105, Fink asserts that we should ask students to  do  what we want them to  learn how to do. This forms the basis of significant learning activities. Using Figure 4.1 as a reference, brainstorm learning activities for the lesson plan you’re developing. You should include:

  1. Information and Ideas
  2. Experiences (both doing and observing)
  3. Reflection Prompts
Hold onto this list; we will continue developing it in the next unit.

Reflection and Writing

For the writing assignment this week, I want you to pause and reflect on your own learning. Consider the following questions, based loosely on Fink’s questions from page 120:

  • What have you learned about integrated course design, taxonomies of learning, active learning, or problem-based learning?
  • How is the online learning environment working for you? What are the advantages and/or the challenges of taking this class in this format?
  • What have you learned about yourself during this unit? Have you discovered anything new about your own learning styles or preferences? Have you developed any new strategies that help you learn more effectively?

Unit Summary

I hope this unit has given you a solid overview of the course design process. Think of this as the thirty-thousand-foot view. Let’s review what you’ve accomplished:

  • You have considered your students’ characteristics and defined the learning outcomes for a lesson plan.
  • You’ve considered levels of mastery, documenting your thoughts into a concept map.
  • You’ve begun to think about appropriate learning activities that fit into the categories of information, experiences, and reflection.

In the next unit we’ll drill down to the specifics of assessment and feedback.