Unit 5, week 2

November 2-8

Assessment and Feedback Strategies, continued

Estimated Time to Complete
 Instruction  1 hr
 Assignments  5 hrs
 Collaboration  3 hrs


  • Yorke, M. (2003). Formative assessment in higher education: Moves towards theory and the enhancement of pedagogic practice.  Higher Education, 45(4), 477-501.

Watching (screencast)


Your primary task this week is to re-evaluate, revise, and publish your unit-sized curriculum plan. Consider the feedback you received from your study partner last week. Reflect on the feedback cycle discussed in the screencast. When you are confident that you have addressed these issues, post your lesson plan to the class blog. You will have a final opportunity to receive feedback during the next unit, at which point you will polish your work and write a paper to defend your methodology.

Grading Rubric for Project-based Lesson Plan

Reflection and Writing

The idea of requiring students to present their work via the internet is often met with trepidation by educators. Which concerns are valid? Which are hype? What are the merits of having students present in a public space? In which circumstances do the advantages supersede the concerns? For your writing post this week, weigh the value against the danger of public homework and online student participation.

This is an excellent topic for discussion. Read posts from the cohort and dialog with those whose opinions may differ from yours.