Unit 6, week 2

November 16-22

Survey of Emerging Tools, continued

Estimated Time to Complete
 Assignments  10 hrs

Research and Review

Your primary task this week is to explore the tools you’ve been assigned. In most cases, you will create a sample product using the tool. (For example, if you’re reviewing Blogger, you will create a new blog.) Create a post for each tool that you review. Include a link to the product you created with the tool. Provide a thorough review that includes: learning curve,  ease of use, time required to create a product, key features, problems you encountered, barriers that might prevent effective use, and possible educational uses. If applicable, include links to tutorials or examples created by others that illustrate how the tool might be used.

Grading Rubric for Evaluation of Tools/Methods

Finalize Your Curriculum Plan

Review feedback from your peers on your project-based curriculum plan and determine whether to edit your plan in response. You may also wish to consider whether any of the tools we’ve reviewed have potential for enhancing your plan.

Make your final edits, then write a one-page defense for your assessments and learning activities, describing how they will culminate in the desired learning objectives. Your rationale should be based on relevant learning theory, situational factors, and pertinent characteristics of your learners.