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The Future…

Hi Folks,

I enjoyed your thoughts about emerging tools. After reading through your posts, I got to thinking … what is new?

What do you think the next generation of tools will look like? How will their underlying functionality be improved? As I mentioned in a response to Nicholas, Usenet is almost 30 years old now…and Reddit  is a great updated version. But functionally, it hasn’t changed much in terms of capacity.

What is new? What is the future? Will learning change? How might it be different?


Emerging Tools

Hey Folks,

Craig helpfully reminded me that I should have already posted this link to a shared document where we can collect some Emerging Tools for the work ahead.

Emerging tools document

Here’s the assignment for this week:

“Early this week I will create a  Google Spreadsheet and fill in a couple of example lines.    Please contribute actively to this brainstorm list by Wednesday evening. Review any items on the brainstorm list that you’re unfamiliar with. Fill in your name in the reviewer list for tools you’d like to review personally (you may make this a group project if you want to work collaboratively with someone else–just fill in both names in the column). I would like you to review three different tools. You’ll want to begin tool reviews this week to ensure that you have plenty of time; reports aren’t due until next week.”

Obviously it is now late this week… There’s still time, however. I’d suggest finishing up brainstorming in the next day or two so you have a rich list to select from. I’ve posted a few to begin with.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Great Job Everyone!

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to compliment you all on your draft learning units. You are doing really well and there’s a neat diversity of projects. Congratulations to each of you for pushing through and getting it done. As most of you commented, there is a surprising amount of detail to attend to after all of the basic flow and structure is identified. The revision process is ongoing – but with each iteration, you’ll see improvement and hopefully you’ll find at least some satisfaction in the process.

As you do revise, take a moment away and ask yourself if this is addressing your passion as closely as you’d like. That is an important piece of the design and often becomes trampled as we start to get down to the logistics of putting things together.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for additional feedback or help if you hit a place where you’re not satisfied. Kicking around design ideas is helpful for all involved, not just the owner of the project being analyzed.

You all are doing great. Hang in there! The end is approaching!


Course Update

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to say that you are all  doing great with getting your work in on time. Great work and great initial conversations.

I also wanted to mention that in previous offerings of the course I’ve frequently used Blackboard Collaborate to host a few synchronous sessions. However, I’ve not been happy with the discontinuity the shift in communication mode introduces. Instead, please check in a time or two through the week. There are some great comments and questions being asked. Drop by and continue the asynchronous conversation!

Lastly, I’m  in California  for a few days. Please forgive me if my response is less timely than normal.

Best wishes to all!



The Gang’s All Here!

Hey Folks,

I just wanted to let you all know that, for the moment, we’re all here. We may have a late addition to the cohort, but barring that, this is our little community for Online Pedagogy.

Welcome everyone!

It looks like a great group. I’m excited by your diverse interests.  Kim from Homer is interested in corporate and adult ed. Craig from Anchorage is interested in blended and mixed environments in a K-12 setting. Nicholas from Fairbanks is in the ONID program and is developing an open Alaska Native lit and history course, and Lexie from Bellingham is coming from higher ed and putting some more courses online for the Department of Native Studies at Northwest Indian College.


Two things I want to take a moment to point out:

When you make a post, make use of the “categories” tags on the lower right hand side of the post creation window. This will help organize our interactions.

Second, take time to invest in our community and interact here with one another. What you get out of this course will be in direct relationship to what you invest. I look forward to working with you in the weeks ahead!

Lastly, I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. Here’s a little image from campus in September. I work in the lower floor of the building in the center of the image.

Emily Russell, a new graduate student in Northern Studies, takes advantage of nice September weather on the Fairbanks campus.


Best wishes!